Smith LaSalle is a consulting engineering and commercial diving firm providing specialized structural design
and analysis as well as full-service underwater inspection services throughout the United States and the world.

Our services always include senior personnel to execute and manage underwater work and to design projects for customers’ waterfront facilities including inland, coastal and offshore structures.

Marine Engineering

Waterfront Engineering | Smith LaSalle

Waterfront Engineering

Construction Management | Smith LaSalle

Construction Management

In House Design | Smith LaSalle

In-House Design

Commercial Diving

Underwater Inspection and Assessments | Smith LaSalle

Underwater Inspection and Assessments

Underwater Construction | Smith LaSalle

Underwater Construction

Our Customers Use Smith LaSalle Because

We deliver the quality, cost, and schedule requirements demanded by our customers.

Senior, experienced personnel who perform the work day-to-day.

We offer complete underwater engineering and design capabilities